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Air Canada - Second Bag Policy

 29 Dec 2009

Air Canada logoTravellers holding Economy class tickets for travel on/after 19 January 2010 between the UK and Canada/US will be able to check one bag for free, and will be charged a fee in line with European and US airlines if they wish to check a second bag.

Air Canada Super Elite, Elite, Prestige or Star Alliance Gold and Silver members are not affected.

There is no change to the free carry-on baggage policy, and to the allowance for economy class customers travelling: two free checked bags

  • within Canada
  • between Canada ­ Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin and South America, Asia & Australia

Q: Who is affected by this change?
A: The 2nd bag fee will apply to customers holding economy class tickets issued on/after 23 December 2009, for travel to the selected markets on/after 19 January 2010.

Customers holding tickets issued prior to 23 December, making a change for travel on/after 19 January, 2010, are also affected by the new policy.

Q: What is the fee?
A: For travel between the UK and Canada/US: $50 CA / GBP 30 / EUR 35

Q: How will the second bag fee be paid?
A: It can be paid with cash, debit or credit card at any ticket counter, or with credit card at the check-in counter, web and kiosk check-in.

Q: If a customer receives a complimentary upgrade, does the second bag fee apply?
A: Customers who receive complimentary upgrades are affected by the new policy, as it applies to the ticketed fare.

Q: Will medical assist devices be included in the baggage allowance?
A: No, devices such as walkers, crutches and wheelchairs will be carried free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance.

Q: What is the policy for infants?
A: The new infant policy for the applicable markets is changing to the following:

  • Infants with or without a paid seat, are entitled to check-in one piece. One car seat may also be checked in free of charge, when travelling with a child or infant. (Overweight/oversized fees apply.) Infants with paid seats in Executive First Class are entitled to 3 checked pieces.
  • Additionally, infants are entitled to one stroller checked-in at the gate.

There are no exceptions; any items for the infant must be within the above allowance. If not, the excess piece fee applies (GBP 100)

Q: What is the excess baggage fee (beyond the second piece), and is there a limit to how many excess pieces are allowed?
A: All excess pieces beyond the second piece, or higher free allowance for certain fares Tier Status, will be charged the applicable excess piece fee per piece.

Q: Is there a change to the ski equipment policy?
A: If a passenger checks in one bag, and one ski bag, they will be charged a second bag fee. Customer must continue to pre-book ski equipment - only pre-booked ski equipment will be charged the second bag fee.

Failure to register ski equipment will result in excess bag charges which are higher than the second bag rate.

Q: How does the 2nd bag fee affect groups?
A: The second bag fee also applies to groups. They will have to pay the fee with an airport agent on departure.

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